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Plant care evolved.

Introducing GreenKeeper by Nurcha.  An intelligent, automated plant care device that discreetly pots with your plant to water, feed and maintain it for months at a time.

GreenKeeper is coming soon in 2022. Reserve yours now and get a 10% early bird discount code. No credit card required.

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A perfect solution to worry-free plant care.

Water drop. Indicating automatic watering system.

Automatic watering schedules based on your plant's needs and GreenKeeper's sensors.

Food icon indicating automatic plant feeding system.

People often forget their plants need food as well as water.  GreenKeeper won't forget.

Monitoring icon indicating automatic plant monitoring system.

GreenKeeper constantly monitors moisture, light, acidity, temperature and humidity.

Smart icon indicating intelligent, AI driven control system.

Driven by expert knowledge and machine learning, GreenKeeper understands how to care for over 100 common indoor plant species.

Connected icon indicating smart, IoT connected phone and web app.

Receive notifications about your plant's status straight to your phone.

Discreet icon indicating the system is hidden when potted with the plant.

Fits into any medium or large pot and is unnoticeable when installed thanks to our patent-pending design.

GreenKeeper never forgets about your plant.


total hours of care


plant checkups completed


plant waterings or feedings completed


Simple to install.

GreenKeeper has everything it needs to look after your plant for months at time.  Just pot it with your plant, select the species, fill the reservoirs and you're done.

Check on your plants with our app.

Monitor your plant's health and be notified if they need your attention.

Automatic plant watering system app.

We're experts so you don't have to be.

Expert plant care.
Enjoying plants for mental health.

GreenKeeper brings pro plant care into your home.

Professional plant care brains are programmed into the GreenKeeper.  When potted it's learns continuously about your plant to provide the best possible care.


“It's great that it fits any pot. Monitoring through the mobile app will also be really useful.”

Louise M.








Only 245 left and going fast.

Our production run is limited so please reserve your GreenKeeper to avoid disappointing your little green friends.

Happy plant.
Reserve yours

710 Collins St, Docklands, Victoria, 3008, Australia

Nurcha is an intelligent plant care platform.  We utilise expert knowledge and artificial intelligence to provide the best in automated home plant care.

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