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An Exclusive Report from Nurcha - Automated Plant Care Experts.

Discover how to avoid the simple traps that are hurting your plants.

For a limited time get this 13-page FREE report by automated plant care expert, Nurcha.  In it we reveal 5 shockingly common mistakes being made when caring for plants. The result of a 14-month long study involving over 200,000 plant health checks this exclusive report is yours for free in aid of our mission to end plant suffering and help everyone be better friends to our plants.

Download your free report now and discover:

  • What you should never do when potting your plant.

  • The truth about how much light your plant needs.

  • Have you been watering wrong?

  • And the key misunderstanding behind all of the above.


We'll soon be taking this page down to make way for our next report.  Download now before it's gone.


5 common mistakes book.png

​"These were surprising results even for us."
- Ed, Head of Data Engineering @ Nurcha

Get my free report



Dear Plant Lover,

Over the past 2 years our team have been working hard on finding ways to better care for our little green friends.


There's no shortage of stories among us about the casualties that occurred just a few short weeks after picking up a healthy new house plant.

And you're not alone. Over 72 million house plants die every year in Australia!

Here at Nurcha our mission is to end the suffering of the world's house plants.

In the last 14 months our team has spent tens of thousands dollars designing...




and installing measuring devices...


into the pots of house plants to better understand where we're going wrong.

And we've done this with the many of the 100 most popular types of indoor plants including Peace Lilys, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Snake Plants, Zanzibar Gems and more..

So far we've collected invaluable data from over 200,000 plant health checks.

In this data we've noticed from surprisingly common mistakes.

They're often overlooked and sometimes a little counter-intuitive but..

Well we've got some good news for you. 


These mistakes are completely fixable and if you've identified a mistake you're making in this report, we'll also show you how to fix the problem.

And this report is yours free, just enter your details and hit the button...

And this PDF report will be sent straight to your inbox.

It's a fast, easy-to-read report packed with leaf-greening tips that you can action.

So go ahead and grab what's cost us tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours to figure out.


710 Collins St, Docklands, Victoria, 3008, Australia

Nurcha is an intelligent plant care platform.  We utilise expert knowledge and artificial intelligence to provide the best in automated home plant care.

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