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Green Geometric Shapes

Our Services

Here at Nurcha we specialise in long-term plant hire and maintenance solutions for corporate office spaces and small businesses.

1. Design Consultation

Our design consultation service, tailored to enhance both commercial and residential spaces with a wide array of plant options. The service begins with a personalised assessment of your space, considering factors like lighting, layout, and style preferences. Expert consultants provide guidance on plant selection, focusing on aesthetics, air quality improvement, and ease of maintenance. They offer creative solutions to maximise the impact of greenery in limited spaces. This service transforms spaces into vibrant, green oases, seamlessly integrating nature into daily life.

2. Installation

Following the design consultation, our plant installation service meticulously brings the envisioned greenery layout to life. Our skilled team carefully selects healthy, high-quality plants that align with the design plan, ensuring they thrive in their new environment. We handle all aspects of installation, from transporting plants to their precise placement, including soil preparation and potting. Special attention is given to integrating plants seamlessly into your space, whether it's a sprawling office or a cozy home. We also provide initial watering and maintenance tips to set you up for success. This service promises a stress-free transformation of your space into a lush, vibrant sanctuary.

3. Ongoing maintenance

After installation, our ongoing maintenance service ensures your plants remain healthy and vibrant. Leveraging our proprietary plant care technology, we offer unparalleled care and early detection of potential issues. This advanced system monitors plant health indicators like soil moisture, nutrient levels, and light exposure, allowing for proactive and precise care. Our expert team will visit as necessary to water, prune, and provide necessary treatments, ensuring each plant thrives. Additionally, our unique guarantee offers peace of mind: any plants that become sick despite our efforts are promptly replaced at no extra cost. This comprehensive service maintains the beauty and vitality of your green spaces, hassle-free.


710 Collins St, Docklands, Victoria, 3008, Australia

Nurcha is an intelligent plant care provider.  We utilise expert knowledge and artificial intelligence to provide the best in automated plant care.

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