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5 of the best indoor plants for any home.

It can be a contentious subject here in the Nurcha offices but we've put aside our differences to agree on five excellent indoor plant options for your home. We've specifically chosen species which are a little more relaxed in their requirements and can tolerate a less regimented care schedule so you can enjoy these plants and still enjoy your spare time. Having said that, they bring a great calming and uplifting feel to any indoor area.

Peace Lily (spathiphullum wallisii)

The peace lily grows to around 30cm high and is suitable for low light conditions. It's dark, glossy foliage is excellent at cleaning the air in the room and when placed in bright light will produce a lovely white spathe.

Zanibar Gem (zammioculcas zamiifolia)

An excellent, low-maintenace indoor plant, the Zanzibar gem has shiny, wide leaves and is tolerant to low light and can go a long time without watering.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (ficus lyrata)

The fiddle leaf fig is an incredibly popular indoor plant, produces large leaves and can several metres tall. Smaller fiddle leaf figs are quite easy to maintain but the larger tree can be quite finicky to look after.

Mother-in-law's Tongue (sansevieria trifasciata)

Also known as the snake plant for quite evident reasons, this sansevieria is very tolerant to drought conditions. However, when given sufficient watering and room to grow the Mother-in-law's Tongue can grow into a large cluster of metre-tall leaves.

Cyclamen (cyclamen persicum)

If you'd like to add a little more colour to your indoors then the cyclamen is a great option. It produces small, sweet-scented flowers atop long stems with pleasant green foliage. It's heart-shaped leaves often come with slight marbling. Be careful with this plant around pets though as it is toxic to both humans and animals.



Do you sometimes forget to look after your green friends and want to make sure they're always cared for?

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