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Plant care evolved.


Indoor Plant Care 101

Indoor plants are an ideal choice for individuals who don't have enough yard space for an outdoor garden or who live in areas where the winters are bitterly cold. They add beauty and warmth to the space. Many houseplants are simple to cultivate, but they require special attention to thrive. So, if you're new to caring for indoor plants, our quick overview will equip you with the knowledge you need to help your green buddies grow.

Watering Your Houseplants Depending on how they're grown and seasonal fluctuations in plant development, all houseplants have slightly varying watering requirements.

Watering on an as-needed basis rather than on a predetermined calendar plan is preferable. In general, water plants grow in well-drained soil in a suitable container when the top one inch of soil feels dry. Flowering plants, on the other hand, require somewhat more water than cacti and succulents.

Fertilize on a regular basis

Giving your plants modest, consistent amounts of plant fertilizer is another way to look after your plants.

Simply sprinkle a small amount of home-made compost or store-bought fertilizer over the top soil to provide shoots of nutrients to your plants. This will enrich the growth and ensure they are healthy.

Examine where they've been placed

It is important to examine where your plants are placed in your home.

If you put your plants near a closed glass window throughout the day, the glass may become overly heated owing to direct sunlight. This can raise the temperature near the glass, causing the leaves to scorch. If the plant appears to be withering, consider relocating it to a new room or direction.

Follow these simple instructions and you'll have your own little serene space with your healthy indoor plants. Or if you find it's all a little too much, take a look at our smart automated plant care system GreenKeeper ;)



Do you sometimes forget to look after your green friends and want to make sure they're always cared for?

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